1. 31. IYAFF Ale Kino! Awards

    Golden goats, Marcin and Marcinek prize.

  2. Ale Kino! programme

    Is already available on our website.

  3. Ale Kino! 2012 - see the short reportage.

    30th IYAFF Ale Kino! in 15 minutes!

  1. Verdicts of Ale Kino!

    International Jury Award  - full-length film for children

    Martin Srtange-Hansen, Michael Harbauer, Mika Anttolainen, Joan Parsons, Willemine van de Wiel, Aneta Ozorek

  2. In the chocolate factory: interview with Vincent Bal

    long with a young detective Zigzag Kid set out for an adventure full of crazy chases and action turns leading to a deeply guarded secret about the boy's mother.

  3. Spacer wsrod latajacych traw
    Ale Kino! Festival Guests

    Short presentation of guests arriving to Ale Kino! Festival