Ale Kino! Festival Guests

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Guests from all around the world will arrive to 31. YAFF Ale Kino! in Poznan. Some of them are part of jury, but mostly they are artists willing to present their work to international public. They will also take part in Teachers and Filmmakers Conference 'Meeting the Master'. We invited directors to conduct workshops with teenagers.


To the International Jury we invited, amongst others: danish director awarded with an Oscar for „The Charming man” (Der er en yndig mand), Martin Strange-Hansen; Irish actor known for starring in 'My left feet', 'Three Musketeers' and 'Chocolate', Hugh O'Connor; IYAFF Schlingel director, Michael Harbaeur; president of European Children Film Association Tonje Hardersen. Click below to find full member lists:

International Jury of Feature Films

International Jury of Short Films


On the first day of festival, we especially invite you to "Moon Man" screening, where you will be able to meet Sarah Clara Webber. She will answer all questions about its making.

We will host more Q&A with filmmakers on Monday, December 2nd, amongst them guests from Indonesia - creators of 'Stepping on the Flying Grass'. All filmmaking secrets will be revealed by producer, Tania Smantha Sagrul, director's asistant, Ishana Nurliany and lead role actor, Muhammad Syihab Imam Mutaqin. 
At noon we will host four such meeting during different screenings in total. Don't worry, if you plan to come another day - there will be at least one Q&A every day of the festival! We especially invite you to italian production 'Pulce is not here'. After the screening director Giuseppe Bonito and lead role actress Ludovica Falda, who plays handicapped girl, will meet with the audience.


Director and producer of South African 'Felix', Roberta Durrant, will attend Q&A session twice. Along with Giuseppe Bonito, Christian Lo, Stephan Apelgren she will conduct workshop with teenagers on creating short films.


Sunday, 01.12.2013, Multikino 51, 4pm

"Moon Man”, Sarah Clara Weber – editor


Monday, 02.12.2013, Multikino 51 9:30am

„Stepping on the Flying Grass”, Tania Smantha Sagrul – producer, Muhammad Syihab Imam Mutaqin – lead role actor, Ishana Nurliany – directror's assistant


Monday, 02.12.2013, Multikino 51 12:00am

„Gabriel”, Mikołaj Haremski – director, Natan Czyżewski – lead role actor

„Upside Down”, Bernd Sahling – director

„Eskil and Trynidad”, Stephan Apelgren – director

“My mommy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill”, Marc Boréal – director


Monday, 02.12.2013, Multikino 51, 5pm

“Pulce is not here”, Giuseppe Bonito – director, Ludovica Falda – lead role actress


Tuesday, 03.12.2013, Multikino 51, 12am

“Tough guys”, Chrystian Lo – director


Tuesday, 03.12.2013, Multikino 51, 5pm

„Approved for adoption”, Laurent Boileau – director


Wednesday, 04.12.2013, Multikino 51, 9:30am

“Eskil and Trinidad”, Stephan Apelgren – director


Wednesday, 04.12.2013, Multikino 51, 12am

“Felix”, Roberta Durrant – director


Wednesday, 04.12.2013, Multikino 51, 5pm

Combined screening: „Umba-Umba and other shorts”, from „The Beach”, Paweł Prewencki – director, „Loud and quiet” Elisa Klement – director

„Gabriel”, Mikołaj Haremski – director, Jan Rotowski i Natan Czyżewski – lead role actors


Thursday, 05.12.2013, Multikino 51, 9:30am

“Tough Guys”, Chrystian Lo – director

„The Rocket”, Dominika Druch, Marek Pozerowicz, Joanna Sawicka – polish distributor representatives


Thursday, 05.12.2013, Multikino 51 godz. 12am

„Beautiful Horizon”, Olivier Seidel – screenwriter, Football Goats Awards


Friday, 06.12.2013, Multikino 51, 9:30am

„Stepping on the Flying Grass”, Tania Smantha Sagrul – producer, Muhammad Syihab Imam Mutaqin – lead role actor, Ishana Nurliany – directror's assistant


Friday, 06.12.2013, Multikino 51, 12am

“Felix”, Roberta Durrant – director


Fiday, 06.12.2013, New Palace Cinema, 12am

“Gabriel”, Jan Rotowski - actor


Saturday, 07.12.2013, New Palace Cinema, 12am

“Tough Guys”, Chrystian Lo – director


Sunday, 08.12.2013, Multikino 51, 3pm

“Eskil and Trinidad”, Stephan Apelgren – director