Meatballs adventure

ale kino przygody klopsików

Meatballs Adventure

Sweden, 2010-2012

director: Johan Hagelback

Within each of the seven screenings prepared especially for children of 4 to 5 years we will present Swedish Meatballs short films, created over the last two years. Before they come to life on the screen, the audience will be welcomed and invited to play with the meatball family. Children will not be scared of the dark, or drown in cinema armchairs in our pre-arranged scrrening space, created for very young viewers. Adventures of the lovable characters will follow in the twilight, while kids sit comfortably on mattresses and cushions. Simple animations on important, everyday issues will introduce them to the world of film. "Swedish meatballs" were awarded Golden Goats in 2010 by the International Jury consisting of Alexey Alexeev, Adriana Prodeus and Maciej Szczerbowski. Their verdict explains the value of those films for children: It is an affirmation of a child's imagination, which can create the universe from scratch starting with something as flat and boring as Swedish meatballs - or tripe with oil. We would like to highlight the film's courage of discovering something special, without compliance of rules and conventions. It is an expression of a particular understanding of the child's soul - regardless of the age of the viewer. 

Duration: 40 min


for children of 4-5 years

6.12.2013, Friday, 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am

7.12.2013, Saturday, 10.30am, 11.30am, 15.30pm, 16.30pm

Venue: Łejery Theatre and Art For Children Centre  Stage 
Poznań, 1 Brandstaettera Street/Za Cytadelą Street

Tickets: 5 zł, booking is essential - please contact via:
please complete the payment before the event