Regulations 2013



1. The 31th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino! (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) will be held in Poznań from 1 to 8 December 2013.

2. The aim of the Festival is to present and promote valuable films for children and young people.


3. The Festival Organiser is the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań. The Festival co-organiser is Multikino S.A.

4. The Festival Director is the director of the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań.



5. The Festival programme comprises the following sections:

a) the international competition of full-length and short films for children and young people, which presents films made in the years 2011-2013. Both full-length and short films (live-action as well as animated ones) are eligible for the competition. Competition films will be categorised either as children’s films or as films for young people. Films will be categorised by the Organisers;

b) fringe sections and special screenings, where out-of-competition films for children, young people and adults are presented.



6. Films may be entered by their authors, producers or other authorised institutions.

7. The Organisers of the Festival shall select films for the Festival.

8. Only the films which have been entered on time and in compliance with these Regulations are subject to selection for all Festival screenings. Each film which has been entered must be accompanied by:

a) a printout of the entry form filled in online (available at with the Entrant’s handwritten signature;

b) a DVD disc with a print of the film in English language version or with English subtitles.

9. The competition is open to a film which meets the following criteria:

a) it is a full-length or short live-action or animated film (where ‘full-length’ means longer than 60 minutes and ‘short’ means shorter than 30 minutes) made after 1 January 2011;

b) if it is a full-length film, it is available as a DCP or a 35 mm print with optical sound recording. Screening from other sources is acceptable provided it is agreed with the Organisers in advance;

c) it represents a separate artistic whole.

10. Entry forms and other materials must be sent to the following address:

Centrum Sztuki Dziecka w Poznaniu
Św. Marcin 80/82
61-809 Poznań
Fax +48 61 64 64 472,

11. The Entrant shall cover the cost of shipping all materials.

12. Entry forms and other materials for the competition section must be submitted by 15 September 2013.

13. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to obtain authorisation to use and enter the film in the Festival.

14. All Entrants will be notified of the selection results as soon as the selection process is complete.

15. In the event of selecting a film for the competition, the Entrant shall provide the following immediately:

a) information for the Festival catalogue (details as to what information is necessary, shall be made specific by the Organisers);

b) subtitles in a language agreed upon with the Organisers;

c) other promotional materials (e.g. a poster, a trailer).

16. The submitted materials and entry form shall be returned only if the entry is accompanied by a written request to do so.



17. By submitting a film for screenings, the Entrant grants the Festival unlimited rights to use the following materials:

a) a film print for the main Festival screening and two additional screenings during the Festival;

b) promotional materials submitted for Festival publications (printed materials, Festival website, catalogues, Festival programme) and for the purposes of promoting the Festival in the media. The Entrant hereby agrees that the submitted materials may be edited by the Organisers;

c) parts of the film shown in television reports connected with the Festival and for the purposes of promoting the film and the Festival (a trailer or a fragment up to 2 minutes for a full-length film and up to 1 minute for a short film).

18. The Organisers reserve the right to use parts of the film and promotional materials to promote subsequent Festival editions in accordance with article 17. Subject to the provisions of article 17 and 18, the Entrant grants the Organisers a license or authorises the Organisers to exercise the rights in the Work, as applicable, free of charge.



19. The Entrant shall submit a print of the film which has been selected for the Festival by 16 November 2012 to the address of the Festival Organiser:

Centrum Sztuki Dziecka w Poznaniu
Św. Marcin 80/82, pok. 345
61-809 Poznań

20. The print shall be on the carrier indicated in the entry form, in the original language version, with English subtitles (if English is not the original language of the film), in good technical condition.

21. The print must be properly labelled.

22. The Entrant shall cover the cost of shipping the print to the Festival unless it is agreed otherwise with the Organisers. The sender shall follow shipment instructions, which will be provided by the Festival Organisers. The instructions shall be provided together with the notification of selection results.

23. The cost of returning the print shall be covered by the Festival unless it is agreed otherwise with the Entrant. The Festival is responsible for returning the print in condition not worse than resulting from its proper usage.

24. The cost of print insurance up to the amount indicated in the entry form shall be covered by the Festival. The insurance shall cover the period from the delivery of the print to the Organiser’s address by the delivering carrier, to the collection of the print from the Organiser by the returning carrier.

25. The print shall be returned to the indicated address after the Festival. The Organisers are not liable for any loss or damage that may result from indicating the wrong address.



26. The professional international jury shall award:

a) Golden Goats to the best full-length film for children
b) Golden Goats to the best short film for children
c) Golden Goats to best full-length film for young people
d) Golden Goats to best short film for young people

27. The young people’s jury shall award the Marcin prizes to the best full-length and short films for young people.

28. The children’s jury stall award the Marcinek prize to the best full-length and short films for children.

29. Festival audience shall award its prize to the best full-length film for young people.

30. The Festival Organisers shall award the special prize of Platinum Goats for the excellent film or audiovisual media output aimed at young audiences.

31. Other special prizes funded by private individuals, institutions and organisations may also be awarded in agreement with the Organisers.



32. The Organisers will invite selected authors of the films presented at the Festival as well as eminent filmmakers, members of the press, distributors, producers and other persons involved in the audiovisual culture for children and young people.



33. By entering a film in the Festival and participating in the Festival the Entrant agrees to comply with these Regulations.

34. The Festival Organisers are not liable for any damage or loss resulting from the infringement of the rights of third parties that may be caused in connection with the use of the submitted Works, unless the infringement has been caused by the Organisers. The Entrant hereby releases the Organisers from any liability in that respect.

35. In the event of doubt as to the interpretation of these provisions, the Polish language version shall prevail.

36. Issues not covered by these Regulations are subject to decisions made by the Festival Director.